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Learn about the Child Opportunity Index 2.0

We offer a detailed overview of the Child Opportunity Index, what it teaches us about racial/ethnic equity and neighborhood opportunity—how it can be used to advance healthy child development.

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NASEM has released the final report for its consensus study: “Exploring the Opportunity Gap for Young Children From Birth to Age Eight." We feel compelled by the the committee's findings to redouble our efforts to make child opportunity more equitable.

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In a new study, we find that neighborhood opportunity—measured by the Child Opportunity Index—is associated with premature death for children and caregivers. The findings are a call to action for child and family wellbeing.

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Our national- and state-level estimates of FMLA eligibility and affordability show that FMLA's reach is limited, with large racial/ethnic inequities in accessibility. Hispanic immigrant parents are especially left out.

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