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Definition: Share of refinance loans that have an APR (annual percentage rate) at least 3 percentage points higher than the interest rate of U.S. Treasury securities of the same maturity.

Notes: Due to changes in the definition of high interest loans, this indicator only reflects loans with application dates before October 1, 2009.  Includes only originated, first-lien loans for owner-occupied, 1-4 family homes or manufactured homes.  Excludes data for metro areas with less than 20 loans for each neighborhood type. Hispanics may be of any race. When borrower self identifies as more than one race, race category refers to first race specified. Predominantly non-Hispanic white neighborhoods defined as those that were less than 10% minority in 2000. Predominantly minority neighborhoods defined as those that were 80% or more minority in 2000. Mixed neighborhoods defined as those that were between 10% and 80% minority in 2000. 

Source: Analysis of Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Data from the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council.