Asians/Pacific Islanders in U.S. metro areas and neighborhoods of opportunity

Published: 03.07.2017 Updated: 03.26.2021

Asians are more concentrated in the highest-opportunity neighborhoods of many U.S. metro areas than are any other racial group, including whites. But Asian racial subgroups are extraordinarily diverse, and these subgroups are equally diverse in their distribution across neighborhoods of differing opportunity levels. Use the visualization below to explore this diversity for almost two dozen Asian subgroups as well as for Native Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders across the 100 largest metro areas.  

Select a metro area and one or more Asian- or Pacific Islander -origin subgroups to see the distribution of those groups across levels of neighborhood opportunity, according to the Institute Child Opportunity Index. The Child Opportunity Index is a measure of relative neighborhood opportunity for children across neighborhoods in a metro area and is based on 19 indicators important for children’s healthy development.