WATCH: The role of work in health disparities in the United States

Pam Joshi presents at two-day NIMHHD workshop
Published: 09.30.2020 Updated: 12.15.2020
The two-day workshop set out to identify priority research areas to understand and address the role of work as a social determinant that contributes to health disparities. It convened experts from the research fields of health disparities, population sciences, labor economics, occupational health, epidemiology, and organizational sociology and psychology to consider work as a social determinant and identify potential mechanisms and interventions to address health disparities. Discussions included: 1) theoretical and conceptual foundations, 2) measures/indicators and analytical approaches, 3) key mechanisms (occupational segregation, worksite segregation, intergenerational transmission), 4) Upstream and systemic pathways.  Joshi's presentation can be viewed in the Day 2 recording, around the 03:37 timestamp.