Webinar: Learn About the Child Opportunity Index 2.0

Published: 03.14.2022 Updated: 04.19.2023

What is the Child Opportunity Index 2.0 (COI), and what can it be used for? What does the COI teach us about how children of different races/ethnicities access neighborhood opportunity, or about the relationship between a child's neighborhood and their healthy development?

The following webinar, developed by our research team at diversitydatakids.org, offers a detailed overview of the COI, and it provides answers to these important questionsand many others. 

If you are a researcher, journalist, policymaker or program administrator looking to use the COI, we invite you to watch and learn about this rich dataset for child wellbeing and opportunity.

Watch the webinar

Webinar outline

  • 1:47: Why a measure of neighborhood opportunity is a valuable tool for those invested in child equity, and how neighborhood features influence children’s healthy development
  • 5:08: A comprehensive explanation of the Child Opportunity Index 2.0: What indicators it contains, why it’s valid and how we built it
  • 11:23: What the COI teaches us about racial/ethnic inequities in accessing opportunity, and how those differences influence lifelong health outcomes 
  • 17:55: Examples of uses of the COI from hospitals, community organizations, local governments and journalists

Start using the COI

Explore our data at the census tract level and at the ZIP code level.

Read more about racial/ethnic patterns in child opportunity, the child opportunity gap within and across metro areas and child opportunity and health

Download our technical documentation for more information about our research methodology.

Explore our impact stories for latest uses of the COI.

Learn more about the Child Opportunity Index.

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